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        New to this site, not sure what all info you will need, please bear with me… a number of years ago my dad (who thought he could fix anything, but really couldn’t sigh….) “fixed” our toilet and after that every so often it would seemingly flush itself — I know now that water was leaking out the seal at the bottom of the tank and when it dropped to a certain level the tank was prompted to refill. However by the time I learned what it was I had been laid off my last job and had no money to fix the thing (that was back in 2002 and have not found work yet so money is a BIG factor in this query). About a year ago, the thing decided to quit, well, er, stop filling. Instead of filling to a certain level and then stopping until the tank needed more water the tank just kept on filling and filling and running out the overflow etc. I knew it was costing me money for the water, but still didn’t have the resources to hire anyone to fix it and am not handy enough myself to even attempt it. A couple of weeks ago now, the story got a new chapter which has prompted me to try to find an answer and led me to this board.

        The Water Dept worked on the fire hydrant two doors up the street from me and of course turned off the water for the time necessary. I came home and discovered to my delight (at that point in time) that the toilet had stopped running. Unfortunately, it now also refuses to refill on it’s own. I have a bathtub faucet that will not shut completely off and so I put a pot under the leak and when it fills transfer it to the toilet tank. (I have also foudn out to my chagrin that if I leave the tank for more than five hours with less than 1/3 of the full water level in it, the water pressure is insufficient to keep the seal on the bottom and all the water will drain away.)

        I probably really need a new toilet, but have no way to get one — I have trouble finding enough money to pay for food (am using computer/internet at library) certainly can’t afford plumber and/or cost of toilet. Is there maybe a way that I could hook up a garden hose with a funnel at one end so that the drip goes in one end and empties out in the tank? The tub is just on the other side of a dividing wall from the toilet, but the faucet is lower than the top of the tank.

        Any other suggestions are also welcome. The worse answer you could give me is sorry no way to help, so it’s always worth asking. Thanks.

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          Check with your City/County housing department they might be able to help you with one of there programs for housing rehabs.

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