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      I have gravity feed hot water.

      We normally only have enough hot water for 1-2 showers each day, then it runs out. When this happens, it doesn’t just go cold – there is no water coming out of the taps at all.

      It also doesn’t seem to be filling properly, as there will usually be no hot water until the following day.

      I don’t know if this is a problem with the hot water service itself, or if a tap has been turned off somewhere etc.

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      Sounds like a valve has been shut off and reopened but the valve is still in a closed position, partially allowing the water to creep by slowly. The reason why a day passes and you have water again.

      Check to see if any valves have been recently turned off. There might also be dirt/debri causing the problems you are having.


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      You also could have a washer in a valves that come loose are swelled up.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      If it is a gravity fed hws then the supply tank is blocked at the outlet or the inlet valve to the supply tank (ball valve) is partially blocked.

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