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      Hi, I have a rheem 101 series 250L hot water system. It is releasing a lot of water through the relief valve (more than the normal drops when it heats up).

      It started a couple of months ago when I released the valve (as per the instructions on the side of the tank). I don’t think the valve had ever been released previously.

      Do I need to get a plumber to do this or can I do it myself. (I would consider myself easily technically able to do it). If I do it myself, where can I get the valve from???

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      You can do it yourself. If you need new one get # off of it and go to Plumbing supplyhouse are box store, you have to turn off water and drain heater a little.

      Art retired plbg

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      when you thought it was working properly ,it was dripping a little? thats not normal,thats a sign of over pressure or over temerature. if temp is fine the you might have a “closed ” system,like a pressure reducer out front. this will not give the expanded hot water anywhere to go…in this case you will need an expansion tank installed near the heater to prevent this…have a local plumber check it out for you…good luck ….after second (or third ) thought ,the cheapest posible fiw is a new t&p valve-the spring can get weak after awhile . good luck

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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