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        A couple of months ago my water pipes began making a roaring “whooshing” sound when the bath or shower is running (we have one of each in two separate bathrooms). Can you tell me what causes the noise? Is it something to be concerned about? Is there a way to minimize it?

        Thank you.

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          If it just changed a couple of months ago, the water pressure could have changed to a higher psi.

          Check the water pressure if it is above 60 psi you should consider a pressure reducing valve, anything over 80 psi most codes require one.

          Somtimes the water utility will increase water pressure in differn’t area’s of the town or city to better serve another area or for fire protection reasons.

          This does happenen but not very often however; in the last 20 years I know our water utiility increased water pressure in about 6 differn’t area’s for the above reasons, try calling and asking them.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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