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        When we turn on a hot tap there is a slight dribble of water then nothing. If you fiddle with the cold tap (turn on/off a few times) it seems to come good. There is also a bit of “hammer” when the water is turned on or off, but not constant. The hot water thing seems to be getting worse. The unit is about 5 years old

        By the way I am in Australia in case things are different here to over there!

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Sounds like to me that your washer came loose on HW side, turn off water and check it out. Let me know.

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          Avatar photoSelgas

            What kind of water heater do you have there in Australia then I may be able to assist you further. Please advise make and model if you are able to.

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              Are you talking about getting water out of a fix faucet, if so do what I said, are explain the matter better. Let me know.

              Art retired plbg

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