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      Rick Stevens

      We bought our manufactured home from a major retailer brand new in Oct, 1999. This past year, we have had to replace two walls in my son’s room and are now looking at replacing walls and flooring in our kitchen due to Poly-B piping. Is there any class action lawsuit that we can get file to get some help with this??? The cost to repair and replace are tremendous; and for a house that is really not that old, should have pipes that will at least last more than 5 years. Help, anyone?null

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      There are a number of sites that might help you.

      Do a Goggle search for: “Polybutylene pipe lawsuits”

      Alot of information that could pay off for you.

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      Thank you for your response, Plumber Bill. I have done exactly as you said, and have contacted some folks; however, what I’m finding is that most of these ‘class-action’ lawsuits only include poly-b pipes installed in homes up to and including 1995.

      Other major problem is that I am unsure as to how I’m going to pay to get my flooring (and possible walls/cabinets) redone in my kitchen now. These pipes have been a constant headache for my family over the course of this last year, and with the cold spell moving in here right now, even if we had the funds, it would be a mess trying to keep the house warm with the outside exposed.

      Is there any venue, that you know of in particular, that deals with homes in SC?

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      First talk to the manufacture if you are having issures others that purchased these homes are also.

      Second see an Attorney and ask about how you can be made whole, these homes should have an implied warranty for longer then 5 years from major defects.

      Keep in mind any good arrorney worth there salt the first consultation is always free.

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      Thanks for your help. I will contact some folks in this area and see if there is any remedy I can seek in getting this situation resolved.

      The company that sold the home to us went bankrupt a few years back, which may imply that this may have been one of the contributing factors.

      Again, I appreciate your assistance and will see what I can do to get things moving on this end.


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