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      I’m doing a copper repipe to my house using type L and the plumber I was using had a mental breakdown and is no where to be found. Using his original drawing, I drilled all of the holes in the 2×4 studs, cut most of the 3/4″ pipe, mounted 20′ sticks up on the rafters and have most everything ready for sweating.

      My question is that I’m in the middle of a masterbath remodel also, which is why I decided to do a repipe in the first place, but being new at this, I have no idea how to run the pipes in the bathroom. I already ran new drains for the shower stall & tub, but I”m stuck on trying to figure out how to run the pipes to all of the things I want.

      Is there a schematic or drawings on the web for how to run pipe to a roman tub, toilets, lavs, shower w/4 features, 3 body sprays and then a line outside for a bib?

      Most of the plumbers I’ve called to have finish this project are either charging $80-100 an hour or they’re passing on it. So it looks like I’ve got to finish the job myself. The sweating is pretty easy, it’s the rest of the stuff that’s confusing.

      Thanks for any help,

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      I can help you send me an idea haow the fixtures are going in and i can draw you up a drawing just make a little drawoing how fixtures are going in and i will draw it up and send it to you, I need your e-mail add. Mine is let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      Do a seach for Isometric Plumbing Drawings and you will bring up some sample drawings that might help for fixture connections.

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