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        I need help to fixing my shower which only comes out cold water. My shower control unit is using MOEN product, one handle to control ON/Off and Cold/Hot Water, and it loos like model T2449 when I checked on Moen website. It was brand new when we bought this new house and only be used totally 3 ~ 4 times for 6 years. When the guest came recently and found out it only came cold water even turning to the end on MAX Hot water position for half hour. By the shower there is a sink which has two faucets and it runs hot water fine and I know shower and this fascet connect the same pipe. So the hot water source for the shower has no problem. It looks like the Valve cartidge problem. I took out the shower handle and the round cover and I found that there is a valve connect to coming in Hot/Cold water and going out mix water to bath tub or shower head. There are two screws on the two sides of valve to control Hot/Cold water coming in and in the middle is the control the outgoing mix water. There is NO any leaking at all. I contacted the Builder who setup my water system. They todl me that it may be cartidge (Model 1225) problem or its dirty. They suggested me fix it by myself and saying it’s very simple. Can any one tell me the steps to fix it? and any special tools needed?

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          Go to and look up valve and click on it and they will show you diagram how to take apart. You should have a 1 Yr. warranty on all the plbg. they should fix it. Did the builder do the plumbing. Let me know. It should be done by a Lic. plumber.

          Art retired plbg

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