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      I have begun to expirience water hammer in my pipes ever since I ran two lines a hot and cold pipe to a vanity in the bathroom. I took the line from the existing vanity(we moved the vanity). Ever since then I have had water hammer. The funny thing is that I havn’t installed any faucets yet I have only prepared the piping to run to the new faucets. At the moment I have capped the pipes and there is no leaking. Have I done something wrong?Any thoughts from the pros.

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      Have you checked your toilet to see if flapper is not leaking and tank is refilling and the ballcock starts to hammer. Only way to find hammer is start turnning each fixture off at stop and leave off till you get to last one and see if you still have hammer, if you have PRV in system it might cause a hammer, Let me know.

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      Did you purge all the air out of the lines you extended if not then I have had a similar problem before where the air trapped in the new lines caused the water hammer – sounds strange I know but it happens sometimes.

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