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        I found you on a search for bottled water, and the “page” I found had numerous entries by many
        people on a bulletin board about bottled water, and which one was best; distilled, spring, Arrowhead, etc.
        and I got kicked off the internet while reading that info, and try as I might I cannot find that info through
        searching your site OR searching your bulletin boards. Can you help me? There were probably 10 entries on the
        subject. There was also 2 mentions of a company called “H20 Express” I think it was, in Orange County and LA,
        CA. Please help me find this! Thanks! Betty

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Betty Why do you want bottled water? Did you know there is NO regulations on where the bottlers get the water or how it is “treated”? Here TRY reading this


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