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        My laundry room and powder room are connected to the same vent. When the washing machine drains, the sink in the powder room gurgles. I decided to remodel the laundry room and put the pipes in the wall. Lo and behold, there is no vent for the drain – that’s my gurgling problem. My problem is now where do I run a vent? I can’t go straight up, that runs into the middle of an upstairs bedroom. Going inside an outside wall would be a huge pain – I’ve have to knock holes in the plaster walls in the bedroom above. Can I run outside and up the outside wall to the roof? Thanks for a reply!

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          You would have to check with your local Plumbing insp. If it gets cold there it might freeze in time. We cant do it here. You might check out those auto vents they sell, but after awhile they stick and leave in sewer gas, if you do use one put an acess door by it so you can replce it.

          Art retired plbg

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