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      Ran into whats got to be an old problem.

      Replacing 40-50 year old Sterling 2 handle stems. Started to leak-water flowed a little from spout when shut off.

      Lucked out and found replacements at Lowes(from Danco). Only thing is…how would you know how to assemble the stem(ie, 3 sizes of o-rings, plastic collar, etc)? There is no diagram on the Danco package, the diagram at Kohler(bought Sterling 5 years ago) is a joke and when I called I got very little advice…just screw it in. The old one has dissolving o-rings and once you take it out, you don’t know how to position the offset spring/seal assembly to the nylon insert(sits inside the outlet pipe and seals in a recess w/o-ring).

      Does anyone know of a source that provides diagrams on stem assemblies? I know some mgfs are a lot better w/info then my Kohler experience

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      Pick out your faucet and they usually have a diagram. let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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      If you go to Google and put in Danco faucet parts in search they come up with a lot that might help you. Let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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