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      I am new to this board. I have a huge problem. My boyfriend has absolutely no clue about hot water tanks, and we have very little hot water for taking showers. I don’t know about every one on this board but for me it would be so nice to be able to have a long shower, or a long bath once in a while.

      Here’s the deal.

      I have a 100 gallon hot water tank located in the basement. On the main floor I can do the dishes in hot water with no problem. On the second floor I can only seem to get 1/4 of a filled bath tub, or a 4-5min shower, if that. I get hot water for a very little amount of time, then it turns to luke warm and runs like that for a while. Would anyone have any idea of whats going on?

      Any idea would help. I have to start somewhere.
      I was reading up one this just now, and I”m really hoping I don’t have to drain the tank to change an element.

      Anyways….any insight to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks guys!


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      Sounds like one of the elements is bad. You did say it was electric WH. Let me know, if you have the tools you can check the el. at each element and see if it is working.

      Art retired plbg

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      With the knowledge and tools you have it sounds as you should call in a plumber for this one or take very short showers until you can call a plumber.

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      Thanks for the reply!

      Yes it is an electric water heater. Tools eh? I have a flashlight….LOL
      If you tell me the steps I would be more than willing to try and find the problem. Oh and yes, I do have some tools, and if not the right ones, I will buy the ones nessesary for the job

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      Unless you have a very sound knowledge of electrical circuits it is not advisable to tinker with the elements or thermostats – my advise would be to contact a competent qualified serviceperson to check it out for you before considering any other possible cause of your water shortage. Safety first and always!!!!!

      Selgas Services Ltd
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      Absolutely I agree.

      I understand the danger in all of this. I would never check anything without turning the breakers off. I’m not sure if I’m right on this or not, but from what I understand (which is very basic) about the element is that it could possibly have corosion on it. That I guess is wishfull thinking. I’m really dreading to find out if the element is burned. If that’s the case we will have to drain the water into the subpump.

      I would just like to see if I could cross off all of the basic things that could possibly be the problem before getting a proffesional out. Things are tight this Christmas, and if I could fix it myself, that would be huge bonus.

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