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        We just moved into a house that has an old garbage disposal hooked to a one drain in a double sink. When we run the water and flip the switch it makes a lot of noise but doesn’t seem to do much. We plan on replacing it. The other day I put some carrot peelings down and flipped the switch and it clogged both sinks up. When I stopped, ran some more water and flipped the switch again, water shot out of the drain that is not attached to the disposal. I closed this drain by pressing the drain plug into it. Then I flipped the switch again and the disposal seemed to eat the peelings. Is this a common problem with double sinks and garbage disposals? Will a new one do the same thing (clog)? Thanks for any help.

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          It is a common when the disposer has reached the end of its life and is not longer grinding things properly. At this stage, your unit is pureeing the stuff. You also want to make sure that the water flow is sufficient to flush the material a

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            i agree, yours is an old wore out galvanized or pot metal unit and it is throwing iut BIB chunks ’cause the grind ring has rotted off. go for a nice residential stainless steel model like the IN SINK ERATOR
            333SS youll love it for many years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! j

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              When you hire your licensed and insured Master plumber to install your new disposal ask him/her about the possibility of water jetting your existing drain lines to remove all the old build up of grease deposits and other possible obstructions. DO NOT try USELESS Chemicals.A water jetter will scrub your drain lines to a like new condition and give you back full flow. Chemicals take too long to really do anything and jetting or snaking you see the results right away.Besides once the chemicals go down the drain FORGETABOUT IT working.. Have a great week end.


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