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      Hi – Recently we have had a problem with a leak in the tub filler in our upstairs bathroom caused by a cracked nipple. The home builder says it is our fault that it broke, but i have another opinion saying that a schedule 80 plastic nipple should never be used in a tub filler because the hot water will make it brittle and easy to crack. I am looking for other plumber-ly advice on whether the use of a plastic part in that fixture is appropriate. THANK YOU!

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      PVC, whether Sch 80, Sch 40, or any other type, is not approved for hot water due to the very reason you stated. On the other hand, CPVC is approved, but not my material of choice. A brass nipple should have been used. Short of that a 1/2″ piece of copper cut to length with male adapters sweated on each end also works. In any case, you home builder is full of it and is trying to weasel out of accepting responsibility.

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