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      Avatar photoPaul Duncan

        I have a Rheem Gas Water heater made in 2003. Today I installed some foam pipe insulation around the cold water intake pipe into the water heater. There is a ball valve there to turn the water on and off. I had to tug a little to get the insulation to fit on the pipe.

        When I went to run a bath about 15 minutes later, the hot water pressure to the whole house was a trickle, I check every faucet. About a minute later, the pressure returned to normal. And so far so good.

        What could have happened? I turned that ball valve on and off a couple of times just to be on the safe side. Any ideas?

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Do you have a PRV on your water lines, sometimes they stick are either the water co. turned on FP are they did some thing else. Sometimes if they have fire water will go way down, mine did last week. Let me know.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photonmtechie

            I don’t have a PRV that I know of. All I have is a main supply line with two ball valves, one for the cold water line and the other for the cold water supply line for the water heater. There have been several fires in my area over the past several days. I live at 6500 ft above sea level in NM.

            The cold water pressure remained fine. I’ve had people tell me that the cold water line into the house may have partially froze, but I had only just installed that insulation may be 15 minutes before. There is a ball valve where I installed the insulation and I may jarred it. The main water supply line has heat tape at the supply line in the crawl space of the house and it is also insulated.

            It was a brief loss of pressure with some air in the pipe and then it equalized and has been fine ever since.

            What could have caused this.

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            Avatar photoSelgas

              Sounds to me that you may have accidentally part closed the inlet cold water valve when you put the insulation over it, when you reopened it you may have dislodged some rust or other particals and restricted the inlet connection at the cylinder. You were lucky that the blockage moved into the cylinder and allowed full inlet flow to recommence. Leave sleeping dogs alone for now – everything should run along fine.

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