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        I am the manager of a water utility for a small comuunity. Recently I had a customer come in and ask about a “SoPhTec” brand water treatment unit. Apparently this thing is a ceramic magnet that is attached to the outside of the supply line and will reduce or eliminate hardness and decrease scale in piping. Anyone have any expeience with these???

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          Yup and Yup we had them thangs down here a ways back and frankly that is where they belong. The prinicpal supposidly behind them is that the water passes through the magnetic feild and that action is suppost to keep the solid particals in suspension and stop them from solidifying. Strange this is though no one has thought about what happens to the water when it is not flowing and when the water heater is filled and the water is just staying there – how long does this suspension last??? no one I know can tell me the answer and all I know is that the water is still hard and things still calicify so it is just a lot of hooey to me. Nothing can soften hard water except a water softener which is designed and fabricated to do just and only that function. The rest are just sheep in wolves clothing and ready to fleece some poor unsuspecting customer;s hard earned cash.

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            I have the same sentiments, not worth the money invested.


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