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      The disposal drains water, but not run. I turn it on at the wall and the motor sounds, but the disposal is stuck. Is there a place to put an allen wrench and jar the disposal blades loose? Thanks for your help.

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      Most wastemasters have a keyway position directly under the motor as well as a motor overheat reset button. Turn off the power to the unit and fit an allen key into the receptical provided under the motor and turn it back and forth so you can release the blades.

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      What i do is take a broom stck and put it down Disp. until I get aganist the blade and push it clockwise and free it , let me know.

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      If you do any of these 2 things previously suggested, be sure to first unplug the disposal to avoid an injury, especially if it’s necessary to stick your hand in the disposal itself to remove any object which may be jamming it up which is often necessary.

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