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      I know this is in the wrong place but I’m hoping to get an ansewr back tonight.

      AS 3500.3.2 is 1998 the latest version ??

      I’m trying to find inside it the pipe size for stormwater on a domestic block less than 1000sqm. I know the minimum size is 90mm (7.3.4) but cannot seem to find where to find the stormwater pipe sizing from the second down pipe to the street. I use 100mm all over the job, but one of my builders a few years back put one in with all 90mm and I’m trying to find out if its inside the law, or under sized … as per the standards and if so WHERE ??

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Bungie. check with the BCA to find out which AS 3500 part 3 is called up. but remember part 2 Acceptable solutions are purely that – it is an advisory standard that requires you to equal or better.
      In the Sewerage act it calls up the 1998 version & I have a document which states that the 2000 version is not acceptable however when I took this up with the writer he admitted that the 2000 version was the latest available & therefore equal or better.

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      I have AS3500.3 of 1990 and 3.2.2 of it states
      Layout size and installation: Layout: size and installation of components of roofwater systems shall comply with AS1562S1639S2180 and AS CA55s appropriate,except that the rainfall intensities and related data of AS1562 and AS CA55 shall be modified with amendment No.2 to AS2180.
      Note; Rainfall intensities may be determined by the Regulatory Authority. Hope this helps, I have always used 90mm for residential work,single houses and dual occs.Anything bigger has to be designed by a Hydraulics Engineer.

      All the best

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