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        I have a 4 yr. old Burnham boiler and steam heat. my boiler must be filled 2-3 times/wk in winter. are automatic water feeds good- i’ve been told they are not.
        there are no leaks and radiators are fine and not losing water. cold new england winter heat at 68

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          I have a McDonnell 47-2 automatic boiler feed with a low water cutoff. I just replaced it with a new one as the old one had rust build up in the float (which I found later I could have cleaned out manually).

          The problem for you is they cost around $500, and although the replacement was a breeze, I already had the water feed lines in place. If you can do that yourself, it’s only 2 valves and maybe 10′ of 1/2 copper line. zOne link to browse is
          I bought mine at

          Regards, Ron

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