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      My water heater is inside the house in the laundry room. Not legal anymore. I know this is asking for trouble :-) but anyone give me a ball park on moving it into the garage? It’s gas. There is a gas line outside the garage wall and water line around 10 feet away also.

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      You have to disconect the water, gas ,flue and plug them up. You have to drill holes through wall for all pipes, make new gas connection, and water con. run new HW line, probably have insolate them dont know about your codes so I would say any kind of number I would give you would be wrong without seein the Job, have one of you local Plumber give you and Est.You would have to run new flue openning through roof. This is a guese starting off at $300.00 and up. You can go up to the est. section on this site and maybe you can get a good price.

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      Lets see, move the water heater to garage. New flu through roof, new gas line to heater, water heater stand, new piping to and from heater, expansion tank, seismic straps. How about $1850.00 U.S. Dollars. Send 1/2 for scheduling after you sign the contract.
      Thank You
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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