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        I am completing my basement and have run into a problem in the kitchen area. I am planning to put a sink sump pump and the problem is finding a vent. I looked at all the sewer pipes in the basement ceiling and I have absolutely no access to the vents going to the roofs.

        My question is, can anyone tell me if I can use an inline vent in Atlanta, GA? I am not sure of the code. Also, if not, what are my alternatives. There is no way to get to the vent stack without tearing some sheetrocks on the main floor.

        Also, if I use an inline vent, how would it work when there is positive pressure? IE, when the sump is filling up, where would the air go out from?

        Please help!


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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          You can not connect the sink vent and sump vent together, they have to go through roof seperate, do they alow you to go through wall and run up the side of the house, if not try to locate a closet where you can come up too. Let me know.

          Art retired plbg

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