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      martyn white

      i have just come back from a spot of “night bore pump fishing” and have a huge problem. I was using a sewer camera to see why after what is now about 10 attempts of bringing a bore pump out of its dark depths. It was all going well until the camera got tangled on what is the same obstruction that is stopping it from coming out of the ground.
      If that is not bad enough the camera was borrowed off a mate and he has it booked in for its next job on friday. i am in Katherine in the northern territory. the brand of the camera is SO EZE 2C. i have been searching on the net and cant find the business or an agent that sells this brand. Anyway if any one can help with tracking down SO EZE 2C or the possibility of getting a compatible camera that can be attached to the cable then it would be great.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Kim, a bloke from NT tried to sell me a sewer camera with a name similar to that, He wanted $6000.00.
      I checked & found that the camera head was available from web page
      Have a look at the third one down, is that the camera?
      If so you can deal over the internet, if not check out our site web page
      Regards Bob

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      Retired plbg1


      Try this site

      Art retired plbg

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Kim. You never came back can you post & let me know how you got on.
      We ended up getting a much better camera with the ability to be focussed & oriented in any direction so as to closely inspect any pipe.
      Regards Bob

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