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        I have a slow leak in my water system.
        When I shut off the valve to the water heater, the leak stops. Am I to infer that the problem is IN the water heater? How can I go about fixing the problem?

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          When you shut off CW to the WH means that you shut off all HW. Do you see any water arounds the heater if not then you have a leak in HW line somewhere, check out all the HW pipe leading to fixtures, check the stops and connections under the fixtures, have you noted any HW in the CW lines, if that all checks out you might have a leak in the wall, notice any wet floors. You sure it is HW leak, it could be your water service, shut off main valv in house and go outside and see if meter arrow is moving if so you have a leak on your srevice, I hope not let me know what you find.

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            If you want to do it—Purchase an electronic leak detector. this tool (with about 6 months of experience) will help you locate the hot water pipes in the slab. Once located you can listen to the fixture piping to hear which fixture is closest to the leak. Once you locate the leak break out your jack hammer and break out the concrete to access the pipe. With the water off cut the pipe and replace the bad section with new. Backfill with sand and concrete to grade, replace the fkoor covering with new.
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