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      It’s been several years since I’ve glued any pvc.

      I have the cleaner and the glue (orange) but the glue can says to use “purple” primer on fittings that will be under pressure. I am putting male fittings on the hot and cold water lines under a new vanity that is to be installed. I did this several years ago and nothing was said about a purple primer.

      Is that primer necessary? Also, the glue states that it should dry 24 to 48 hours before pressure is applied. That would mean having the whole house without water for that long. Seems like the last time I glued pvc I had the water back on within an hour or two. Was I just lucky or do you really need to wait the 24 to 48 hours.


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      Sounds like you have old glue. Go look at some new glue and do what they say, we dont use PVC on water we use copper, so I am not to femilar with it, but we did a little on job and waited about an hr. and tuened on water. Let me know, they got so much new stuff out.
      Always use a Lic. Plumber for your big Plumbing work and make sure he takes out permits for your protectuion/

      Art retired plbg

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      I just purchased the glue last week at a new lumber yard. I’ll check out some more at a local plumbing supply. Thanks

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      Here we have two different types of glue – one being the normal set one ( takes about 24 hours before you should apply full water pressure) the other is known as a “Hot glue” and it is blue in colour and will set faster allowing full water pressure after a minumim set time of two hours. The purple primer is a cleaning solvent designed to clean and burn the polish of the outer surface of the PVC pipe to allow the glue to penetrate faster – therefor making a stronger joint. Also down here the manufacturers will not garantee their materials unless the dye coloured primer is used first.

      We do NOT use PVC on any Hot Water lines whatsoever as the plastic pipe can only withstand water below 65 degrees C without distorting or pulling joints.

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      What part of the world are you in? Here we dont use PVC for waterlines as a general rule although some municipalities will allow it for cold water supply. The only orange glue I’ve seen around here is for CPVC (different animal than PVC) and doesnt require a primer.

      I would recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the primer. In addition, if this actually is PVC you’re using for water, I’d suggest looking into the “hot glue” that Peter mentioned.

      Good luck

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      Sorry….it is CPVC. The previous owners of our house had this installed in the bathroom in the family room addition. I too prefer copper. I’ve never had any problem sweating fittings.

      I’d love to get a plumber to come out and do the work…not going to happen. No one wants to do small jobs like putting on two fittings. It took two weeks to get one out when one of our toilets needed a seal replaced.

      I had to have a new drain installed for our water softner and had to be the plumber’s helper (no pun intended) underneath the house as he couldn’t find anyone, not even through the union, to be an apprentice.

      The same goes for electricians…if it’s not a big job no one will take it….they’re all too busy with new houses and commercial installations. The only thing you can do is try to learn how to do it yourself.

      Funny, years ago I had to learn some plumbing, electrical and carpentry because we couldn’t afford to hire anyone. Now when we’ve reached the point in our lives (retired) where we can afford it and would love to have someone else do the work, the job is never big enough.

      We need less emphasis on college and more on trade schools.

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      One final on this. I went to good ole’ WalMart and in their plumbing section they had the Oatey Glue Pack.

      You get the glue and cleaner for a little over $4.

      You can put water pressure, up to 180psi, on the joint after 2 hours.

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