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        I was surfing for info about the appropriate wallboard for bathroom walls and this site got a hit. So, I’ll ask my question.

        What is the best, most waterproof type of wallboard to use in bathrooms? We are remodeling and will be installing tub/shower surrounds, but what should go under them and around them for the rest of the wall? In our current bathroom, the regular drywall has basically disintegrated.


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        Avatar photojack spotz

          gix, theres this stuff called green drywall thats supposed to be specially for tub surrounds. dont fall for it, it fails too, though its fine for the rest of your bathroom, dont use white. for the tub surround use cement board. it looks hard as h*#%! to work with but it LASTS! also hold even this stuff about a half inch up from the tub. DON’T let it touch! then it cant wick up water that gets through your wall, the water wont hurt anything! when you apply your tub surround or tiles go ahead and run them on down to the tub. if this dont make sense, e-mail me

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            well in my opinion the VERY best water proof walls are made of sheet lead PLUS you get the added protection from Radiation in case of an attack.

            Now in reality your not looking for the BEST but something that should last for years . Try looking into “wonder board”

            The fiberglass type JUST DONT HOLD UP. A good mud job lasts and lasts also but finding the skilled craftmen is a major problem today.

            Years ago before “modern technology” came to play and old guy from Europe who speak very little english put up wire lath and mortar wall with tiles and then his GREAT GREAT GEREAT grandson had to come around to regrout it 100 years later. Today with modern building techniques and home builders writing the codes we have the NEW plastic generation of builders and plumbers

            You want “longivity” find an OLD TIMER chomping a cigar with garlic on his breath and ask him for QUALITY and that kind sir is how you still can get the very best there is . Good luck on your quest


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            Avatar photoGuest

              aha! Someone said greenboard to me, but I wondered whether it would really work. Thanks for the tip.

              Have seen this wonderboard stuff, but it is heavy as hell and seems best only for the floor.

              Well, am hoping to use cultured marble as my surround material…apparently, this stuff is really cheapo now compared to the solid surfacing, and it looks really good, imo.


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