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        House is over 30 years old. Have original built-in enamel over cast iron bath tub in master bath. Just noticed today that area at 3:00 position around overflow drain is starting to rust through. While I have replaced toilets, garbage disposals, retiled the tub & shower area, and other similarly taxing DIY projects, am not sure how to proceed with this problem. Can the rusted area be fixed so as not to leak? Or are more drastic measures needed? Am planning on retiring in this house, so any fix must be good & permanent.

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        Avatar photoCincinnatiPlumbing

          The all around best fix is to replace the tub, however that can be costly, time consuming, expensive and quite messy. There are a number of companies that do bathtub refinishing and if the rust hasnt eaten away the overflow to the point of the gasket not being able to make a seal then this might be your best option. Now when I say bathtub refinishing I mean just that….not the places that put acrylic overlays on the tub. I dont like the overlays at all due to the numerous complaints about mold issues as well as the fact that it feels like you’re standing/sitting in a big pile of “mush” thanks to the enourmous amounts of silicone used to hold the overlays in place. Look in your phone book for bathtub refinishers and get a estimates.

          Good luck!

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          Avatar photoRetired plbg1

            They use to make a kit for that purpose you could do that little spot, might cost a lock for a man to do that spot, try the box stores see what they got.

            Art retired plbg

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