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        A marval ring is used on dwv copper plumbing systems.It is a threaded ring which fits aver the correct size pipe and is sweat onto the pipe allowing you to insert the trap into the pipe and screw the trap nut to it.It is not new ,I recall seeing it in the 50″S.I need to get a password so I can frequent this sit and answer questions.Thanks anyway for the replies.How do I obtain a password,Iam new to computers.

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        Avatar photoAKPlumber

          Thanks for the explanation.

          Copper waste lines are not my specialty. Mostly I find myself adapting over and replacing the old stuff with ABS.


          I just looked in a barrel of scrap copper i have remembering cutting out an old copper p trap awhile back and sure enough that ring is there, akin to a threaded female adaptor.
          I’ll look into a few sources tomorrow and see if I can find anything for ya.

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          Avatar photoAKPlumber

            My local plumbing supply has them in both sizes, and can order in other sizes.

            Let me know if you need these sent.

            Sorry again over confusion.

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