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      when i flush my toliet the pipes make a banging noisy as the water refills. how do i fix it?

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      Sounds like dirt/debri in the fill valve of toilet.

      Remove the top of fill valve with the water turned off at the isolation valve and inspect the rubber disk inside.

      Remove disc and with a cup over the top, slowly turn on water at isolation valve to toilet and let run, most times dirt will cause this vibration.

      Install disc back in fill valve, then reassemble fill valve.

      Turn water back on slowly, allow tank to fill and flush a few times to see if that corrected the problem.

      If not, replace fill valve in toilet.

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      If, when you flush the toilet you hear this “banging” on the pipes inside the wall, which I assume is what you mean by the sound of your post, the problem more than likely does not reside in the fill valve whatsoever and rather is “water hammer”.

      Toilets for example in colder climates often have mixing valves plumbed into the supply line to the toilet with a hot line branch, and these are notorious for water hammer. At times, depending on what size pipe is ran, or if differing sizes of supply lines are used (reduced and back again) water hammer may be present without a mix valve.

      I’ve also seen where very old galvanized water lines built up so much corrosion and junk along the inner walls of the pipe that it constricted flow at key points and caused the phenomenon.

      Often the only solution is to install an air chamber tee’d off somewhere on the line coming into the angle stop inside the wall about a foot high. Or replacing /rebuilding/cleaning out a mix valve if applicable. Also I’ve seen where older angle stop valves can cause something similar to this, and a slight adjustment of the valve handle will cure 90% of it, if you’re lucky.

      If this is a recent problem that just cropped up for no reason, then I’d go with Dunbar’s suggestion or try messing with the angle stop.

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