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      I have an offer on my first place
      In the laundry there isn’t any outlets to connect my auto washing machine to. The washing machine goes right next to the laundry sink, so is there anyway of connecting the washing machine hose to the sink tapes, with some sort of plumbing gadget. I’m sure I’ve seen something??????

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      The correct way of dealing with this is to cut in tees in the hot and cold waterlines and install boiler drains. I like the 1/4 turn boiler drains that are on the market. As far as a gadget to connect the washing maching to the laundry tub sink goes, I dont know of anything. However, even if there were such an animal out there my recommendation would be to fix it right and be done with it.

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      CincinataPlbg is right do it the right way and be done with it. If you would fine something to use you probably end up with a cross connection which would let the hot water back up into the cold water, so stay away from the box store junk.

      Art retired plbg

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