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        My home is 9 years old and two years ago I had my first leak. I fixed the leak and last week I had my second leak. My home is two story and these leaks are happening in the space below my upstairs bath room. The green spots on the copper lines appear to be caused by electrolysis..All grounding appears to be correct. However, I have anywhere from .25 to.94 volts a/c on my outside water faucets. The electric company unhooked the meter at the pole and I still had the voltage at the faucets. This voltage may be causing the electolysis. Has anyone ever experienced this problem in the past.? If so, what was the solution? Thank you very much!!!!!![email]jsprosis@centex .net[/email]

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          I heard of two causes that put holes in the copper, One is the plumber used a lot of solder paste and did not flush out pipe first and that in some places the water has an effect on copper, have your water tested and you might have to change pipe to PVC, also heard about that electric deal too but cant remember what they did.

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            I am concerned about the 0.25-0.94V potential you are able to measure on your faucets. This indicates that you may have a dielectric block to ground potential in your plumbing. Check all of the iron-copper-plastic connections in your system and make sure that they are electrically bonded and connected to ground.

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