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      im currently building a house (in western australia) and my builder is telling me i cant move the above heater to a new location because it will be under and eave and close to a window, yet they wont tell me the exact dimensioning a water heater has to be away from a window.
      the place i want to moveit is going to be under an eave, about 1m off a window onside and 0.5m off a wall the other. does any one know what the clear air space around the ehater should be or if i should be looking at any australian standard or Building code to finde the minimum distances. thanks in advance for your help.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Your Licensed Gasfitter will know the measurments.
      They are probably hesitant to give you the info for fear that it will be an unlicensed person hooking the gas HWS up. If the Builder being where the buck stops give’s you advice then as a licensed person he could be held responsible if a disaster happened.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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