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      I need help figuring out how to get an object out of the pipes in my jacuzzi bathtub. Some nozzles got sucked in accidentally while I was trying to clean. I’ve tried flushing water in from the jets but nothing is helping. Thanks.

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      you will most likely need to get to the pump. there should be an access panel, to get to pump . there usually union connections on inlet an oulet of pump this is most likely were your missing parts are

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      There is no access panel. There’s a spout next to the on/off button with a cap over it but thats all I can find. I dont know how else to access the motor. ANy other advice?

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      depending on the type of whirlpool dropin or alcove .there should hopefully be a panel on the side of the tub ,or in front to access the tub spout an drain assembly as well as the pump so if there is ever problems you can get to it an make repairs . if this is not the case you will have to open up wall were tub is .also some tubs now have what is known as skirts it is removable an usually runs across the whole length of tub ,so you can get to mechanicals . hope this helps

Viewing 3 reply threads
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