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      diana moulds

      A friend recently moved into his new home. I have been doing work in his basement and found a dip tube that looks like it is for his weil mclain indirect hw tank. He questioned the installer and his reply was that it wasn’t necessary unless he was using a hw circulating type of system.. a loop to move hw to the point of usage.
      This sounds wrong to me,, need a pros opinion.
      Thanks ,
      John Zalinka jmzco1@aol.com

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      Retired plbg1

      If the WH stands up and H&C are comming out of the top of heater you need the dip tube cause it sends water down to bottom of heater, other wise when you turn on HW you get CW comming out. If the CW is connected to bottom of WH you dont need it. Are you having probklem with HW. Let us know.

      Art retired plbg

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      yup, gotta have that dip tube if both the hot and cold waterlines connect at the top. We need to get the cold water to the BOTTOM of the tank. Why boys and girls? Because hot water rises!

      Good luck

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