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      We own a large 2 story home in South E Fla. 1 year old. We are repiping the house (right now) with copper (K) due to a PEX failure.
      The system blows at the hot water lines when the houses in my neighborhood turn about 1 yr old. It has caused massive damage. Water damage. Unbelievalbe. We had to move out.
      Plumb Pex by RTI
      Oetiker ear clams Stainless
      Brass interal fittings/elbow
      Some copper elbows (3/8″) that lead to the showers and sinks here are photos–

      This builder built these expensive homes and used absolute junk —Plumb Pex by RTI. The company is out of biz and Uponor Wirsbo has taken over their warrantees..etc, Uponor Wirsbo is the mfg, and they did private label to RTI.

      The Oetiker SS Clamps are breaking. A jagged looking break. There is some build up internally in the pipes/brass internal fittings. Whitish.
      We had water tested and it was pH 7.8 with low hardness.

      The other problem is that they did not follow code. They used 1/2″ pex (OK) and hooked it to copper elbows that are 3/8″. to make bends near sinks and showers and tubs. Then back to pex.

      Also, they used copper wherever ther is a wall entry of the plumbing.

      Worst of all—they have connections/splices under the slab. When the plumber tried to repair manifold area after our first flood, they ended up cutting the pex too sort to the slab. SO…the jack hammered down 8 inches. That is where we saw the connections.

      They basically gave us junk and with connections under the slab. We were forced to repipe.
      Now, no one want s to pay for our repipe. Not the builder, not the plumber etc. We will have to sue. It will cost alot.

      Questio is-Do any of you have any info on this problem? Any facts or instances? We need proof.

      Uponor Wirsbo has their scientists studying our water, our cement and our steel studs in the wall. They say that are narrowing the problem down to a”chemical.”
      I feel that this is their way of getting out of the warranty. It is so clear –when you see the photos, that it is a matter of faulty clamps and poor workmanship..and /or mis-use of the product.

      We have 6 other houses in our neighborhood that have flooded.Several of them 2-3 times. Basically. the houses are time bombs. One by one they are blowing.

      Any help or info would be sooo appreciated. were being rail roaded….lots of finger pointing.



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      The quickest way to resolve your problem is to sue the builders

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      Retired plbg1

      Did you check with city hall and see if job was inspected, ask Attorney generald for help it might put pressure on some body, i did hear of one of those peck piping com. that had trouble with there clamps.

      Art retired plbg

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      Guess being slow to jump headfirst onto the PEX bandwagon is a GOOD thing for me.

      I say sue the builder and plumber and have all that PEX replaced.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      HEY. be fair.
      We uselpe here because our town water is drawn from aquifiers, hence we have high TDS about 650, PH is slightly acid & we have high pressure.
      I love Copper but it only lasts a couple of years because of blue water corrosion.
      We have usedlpe for about 10 years with no problems, it is a crimp fit fitting with brass fittings.
      The plumber did not manufacture the PEX material & if he was licensed he is responsible for the workmanship, if he has used the material purely on a cost basis he is obviously partly at fault & as such should be partly responsible.
      If he has used the material for the best reason – that is to save the consumer the problem of copper corrosion & the material is sub standard then surely you have “Standards” in place to guide you.
      Call the local Authority & have the work appraised – if it is unnaproved material then the “PLUMBER” will be held responsible.
      Make a claim against your insurance & let them fight the culprit.
      But dont blame the plumber without first establishing his guilt.


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      I have always been under the assumption that Wirsbo will only warrantee their products when installed by certified contractors.

      There is no mention in the original post regarding the certifications, licenses, etc, of the installers and/or repairers. I would think that’s the first place you should go after, besides of course the General Contractor.

      The fittings under the slab alone is proof of substandard plumbing practices by the contractor.

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      I ran across your post after doing a “Google” search on failures on Wirsbo products. We are having a similar failure in our home in Minnesota. We have had 3 brass fittings in a PEX system fail within the first two months of living there. We have since moved out and are gettting the same run-around that you described here in your original post.

      Since this post is over a year old, I am interested to know what happened with your situation and to ask you for any advice on how we should handle our own situation.


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      Hey Rob

      The pex piping you folks are using in Aussie is it the white, Blue coloured one and they also make a yellow one for gas??? They are trying to sell the stuff here but I would only consider it practical for gas with the hydrolic clamping machine for the fittings. I am concerned about the reduction in diameter with the fittings but happy with the internal diameter of the pipe itself – any experience there with you folks would be helpful.

      Selgas Services Ltd
      Craftsman Gasfitters, Plumbers, Electrical Service Technicians

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      We have been using pex for water supply plumbing piping for over 10 years and have not seen any failures, just a few leaks at some connections when they were not made correctly.

      Todays high price of copper is ushering in it’s last days as a common plumbing pipe material in our area.

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      I have now had failure in two PEX brass crimp connections this year. It wasn’t the PEX, as such, our well water supposedly ate pinholes in both fittings, with the resultant ceiling, wall and floor water damage and expenses. The house was built approx. 8 years ago. At this rate, I figure I face a lifetime of “rebuilding” all my interior spaces as the connections go one-by-one.

      Anyone have any info as to Consumer issues, “fixes” and/or litigation on this issue. My plumber says “this is WHY we don’t put PEX in houses with wells”. So…it seems “somebody” ought to have known.

      Thank you for any guidance/help.

      Lee Isdell

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      Is there any update on the Oetiker SS clamp failure. Anyone have information on similar Oetiker clamp failures?

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