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      Can anyone tell me where I can get some technical literature on a Hoyt Model R110RTSP gas fired domestic wateer heater. I understand that Hoyt has been out of business for many years. I would like to obtain an installation and maintenance brochure. At a mininmum, I would like to verify the gas input and output.

      Thanks for any help!!!


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      This is all I could find on http://www.google.com there is more so look there, I went through all my PM mag. listing and there was none there, check out the web site and maybe you will come up with some help, let me know if you find anthing.

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      Is the model number you have quoted the actual model of the water heater or the gas control valve on the front of it – seems like the correct numbers for the gas valve is all.
      In any case the input consumption gas be proven by utilising the test dial on the gas meter after shutting down everything else using gas. Measure the volume of gas consumed, the time of the test period, know the calorific value of the gas being used and it can be easily calculated.
      As to the efficiency of the water heater with sufficient data provided that too can be calculated fundamentaly.

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