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      Little whitish-blueish chunks keep showing up in my faucet screens (within one week). And…of course the pressure slows then at that faucet. What are they coming from? We also have a water conditioner/soft water. Where do I start?

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      I am guessing that you are having problems with more than one faucet (because you said faucet screens). Without knowing more about your plumbing system (I am guessing that you are in the US), my first guess would be your water heaters dip tube. This is even a better guess if your water heater was manufactured between 1993 and 1996. If you are not extremely handy, it is best to call a professional.

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      If you have to take out dip tube you will have to drain WH and if you have not enough room above you will have to lean it over to get tube out, if it is not the tube then check anod rod while it is drained, should be hex nut on WH top take loose and pull out, if that isnt it then check your water softner and see if there is anything detereating. You will have to check evrything till you find it. Let us know.

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      IT’s ME…

      I have had the Water Softener company (Kinetico) come out first and they said that it would not be their tanks. However, they do have some new and improved tanks that they are bringing back tomorrow free of charge. So, it must be the Water Heater. It is definitely plastic particles that keep appearing in, yes, multiple faucet screens. The heater is a Ruud that is about 8 years old. We think we will just replace the unit instead of repairs which always seem to cause problems. Not sure yet if it is the dip tube or anode rod – and assuming it is the water heater with the info the Kinetico Water Conditioner service persons input.

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