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        i have purchased a home with 2 bathrooms.The upper level shower-tub combination leaks into the bathroom below-only when the shower is on -Ie pipes do not leak when the water is turned on for the tub .I have checked the shower head and it is not leaking at the pipe connections. As well if the shower head is off there is no leak below-i guess only when the pressure is increased.The problem is not with the tiles or the caulking.Any ideas ??The system consists of shower head -on off temperature dial and below that the tub Is the spout

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          Does it leak when you run water for the tub let it fill and then drain it? Don’t run the shower at all.

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            It very logical. No leak when you don’t open the bath/shower faucet. Therefore, there is no leak up to the shower/faucet diverter valve. When you open the daucet there is a leak. Ergo, there is a leak in the outflow from the valve to the tube faucet or shower head, and/or there is a leak from the tube/shower drain or the tub surround. To dertermine which it is try to get a hose up to the tub/shower and run water into the tub and into the drain. If you detect a leak, then you know it is from the drain or the tub surround, since you haven’t sent water into the diverter outlet pipes. The advantage of using a hose is that you can fill the shower pan/tub and check for leaks, and you can spary water on the walls of the shower/tub to see if a leak occurs then.

            Troubleshooting plumbing is a matter of knowing how the systems work and very simple logic.


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