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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Hopefully you can help me as i have just had a new home built and i believe i have a few problems but the builder just keep saying its ok.

        First off my main water pipe from the street enter the house from the front above the grass line which when mowing you could quite easily break it. I dont think this is the correct place to put it.

        Second is my rangehood above the cooktop i dont know whether it needs to be flued but as far as i can see its mounted into the overhead cupboards and theres no flue. Is this correct.

        Thirdly i have two 90mm or 100m pvc pipe sticking out of the ground in my backyard both about a foot out with no capping on them. I have finally had one cap given to me but told the other pipe doesn’t require a cap, what happens when something goes into the opening and blocks it?

        There is also a concrete lid which i assume is the sewage its just resting on a piece of timber is this allowed?
        Do bathrooms and onsuites require fans in the ceiling as a requirement

        Any help on these matters would be great or if you could put me onto someone who can help as the builder simonds is just giving me the run around, and as i not up to knowing the building regs i am at a disadvantage.

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          First thing I would do is call the Building and Plumbing inspecter. The water line on grass should be at least 42″ below grass line to keep it from freezing, does it freeze there. The hood should have a fan and a exhaust pipe running out the side of building. They should have cap to protect them cut a piece off and go to hardware store and get cap for it, mean while put some duct tape over the openning. That lid on the log is the openning to septic tank to clean it out and gain entrance to tank, there are concrete rings made to be installed to bring up to grade. Was the house inspected are do you have inspecters there. Let me know. Its a shame that people take advantage of others.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photoPhil_H

            Your lingo makes me think that you are not in the United States. But even in the US, requirements can vary greatly from one area to another. But, I’ll throw out a few ideas.

            1) Around here (sunny so. California), quite often the water pipe will come up straight out of the ground then through a valve and a regulator and then into the house. Most people try to locate it where it will not be damaged. If you are saying that the pipe is not buries, then the type of pipe and the codes governing the area determine what is allowed.

            2) Around here, range hoods are not required. Some range hoods use filters and recirculate the air. But venting a hood into an attic is a big no no.

            3) Can’t help you on private sewage disposal system. There are a lot of new methods I am not familiar with.

            4) Can’t say anything for certain about your lid laying on timber since I have no idea what you are describing. A concrete lid on pressure treated lumber may be OK for somethings but it is not the method I would choose.

            5) Around here, exhaust fans are not required in bathrooms if there is a window that opens.

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