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      Avatar photoSteven W. Sellar

        I drained down the cold water tank to fit new bath and sink taps because the gate valves where not working.however the gate valve was stuck fully open so I put in a ballvalve next to the gate valve so that i could shut down if there where any leaks filled everything back up central heating no prolem cold water taps no prolem just cant get any hot water from taps seems like an air lock in pipes tried forcing it back by connecting the cold water mains to the hot water tap downstairs running the water till it came out of the overflow but still now water from hot taps

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        Avatar photoAKPlumber

          Usually “central heating” denotes a forced air furnace, is it to be assumed you have a boiler instead?
          Anyway, this does’nt quite make sense. First off, you should have proper angle stop valves to control your faucet supplies, not gate or ball valves (EDIT; on all except the tub valve that is). It’s OK to install an additional isolation valve behind them if you’re worried about the angle stops going bad, but this usually is’nt a problem with new stops.
          Sounds to me like maybe you got a blockage in the ball or gate valve, maybe a blob of solder or flux after you installed the ball valves? Could the pressure on the hot side be non-existent due to a closed off valve somewhere you forgot or maybe the supply to the hot water heater/boiler, or maybe whatever supplies the domestic hot water is air locked itself (as in an Amtrol/boiler combo). Could you post back with more info on how this is plumbed up? Do you have flow and pressure from the main hot domestic supply to the system? Start there and work your way up…if you don’t have flow on the main hot supply then something is amiss with the appliance that heats and sends domestic hot. Is there a pump on the hot side? Maybe Art has some ideas…

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          Avatar photonicktheplumber

            Your post is a bit confusing, but I believe that I can decipher it. First, it sounds like you have a well pump and a “cold water” storage tank that distributes water to your boiler, the water heater (unless you have a hot water coil in your boiler) and the cold water lines to your fixtures. Apparently the gate valve on the output side of that tank is defective, and wouldn’t close. So you inserted a new ball valve after the gate valve and reconnected the pipes. After you hooked up these pipes, you filled your hot water bioler just fine and the cold supply lines to your fixtures filled back up and worked just fine. The only problem you encountered was that the hot water faucets (all of them?) show no flow. Have I got it all right so far?

            If so, you have some crud, probably dislodged when you were working on the valve, that is obstructing your hot water circuit to the tub and sinks. It may be stuck in your fixture faucets. I don’t know why it would affect all of them, unless you dislodged crud from the hot water tank itself. Disconnect the hot water risers from the angle stops (you should have these at each faucet, eccept the tub) and make sure there is flow to the valves. If there is, disassemble the faucet valves to clean them out, starting with the screwed in strainers on the end of the faucets. You may have to remove the faucet cartridges to clear gunk from them.

            Why didn’t you just remove the defective gate valve (after shutting off the pump) and insert the new ball valve?

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            Avatar photoRetired plbg1

              It sounds like to me that the gate on the valve droped when he put in new valve. Turn off water and take gate vale apart and see if gate dropped down, take gate out and put stem back and see if you have water then, while you have gate out turn on new valve and see how much water comes out of gate valve body.

              Art retired plbg

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              Avatar photoAKPlumber

                You guys are certainly imaginative.

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