how to unclog the dishwasher. water wont do out all the way

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        someone out there can you help me. My dishwasher washes but when it is finished the water wont drain all the way out. what can I do at home for this

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          Sounds like the pump on dishwasher is going bad, put in new pump are have service man look at it.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photoDUNBAR

            Check to see if the inlet screen at the intake of pump is clogged with debri.

            Second, if the dishwasher discharges into an Air Gap, take the trim piece off at the flood level rim of sink and inspect it for debri.

            If installed into a tapped tailpiece or direct connect to a garbage disposal, disconnect dishwasher line and run a cycle into a 5 gallon bucket and see if water remains after cycling. If so and all debri has been removed, it might possibly be a constriction in the line where it connects to dishwasher or the line is clogged from years of use.

            You will have to try these to see what resolves the problem.

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            Avatar photoDUNBAR

              Ahhhhhh you are quick Retired, beat me by one minute!

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