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        I noticed a wet spot and found that one of the nails from the floor molding pierced the tubing. Don’t have a lot of room to work, and would like to mend pipe if at all possible. Is there any way to mend the pipe? Do I need to cut the pipe to mend it? I shut the water off coming into the house until I can get this fixed.



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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          If it is copper then you should cut out a piece and use 2 sleeves to replaced the new pipe.

          Art retired plbg

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          Avatar photoRetired plbg1

            If that is like pex tubing they should make some fitting to repair it, ask your Plumber. Disreguard the first answer.

            Art retired plbg

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            Avatar photoAKPlumber

              Like Art said, if it’s plastic tubing like Pex there will be repair couplings available, but you will not be able generally to repair it yourself unless you also rent a special crimping tool, there are mainly 2 types of these according to which kind of Pex you have, one kind uses a metal ring over the fittings that the tool crimps down on. These can be obtained usually for rent in any Lowe’s or HD, along with the couplings.

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