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      Hi – We have a leak in our living room and noticed the floor outside of the upstairs bathroom tub is “soft”. In addition, the room adjacent to this bathroom is partially saturated (on carpet). The area around the tub is well caulked and have not noticed any exterior moisture on the outside of the tub. Is it leaking from underneath (sounds like it) the floor or from the wall? What is the best way to troubleshoot this @#$#$% problem? Thank you so much..

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      jack spotz

      check to see if theres an access panel behind the tub faucets, usually in a closet, etc. if not its time to cut one. you should check the back side of your valves and shower arm risor for a leak first, also the waste and overflow. normally if the leak is a drain it shows up below your floor. if its a water line, stuff gets real wet ’cause it leaks 24/7s. thats why i lean to a faucet or wall problem that only leaks a cup or less every shower. remember, if your floor is soft, you should be planning that well needed remodel now, it wont ever get any stronger, just dry.

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      I don’t know what area you live in, but in front of my house the meter has a gauge that spins when ever there is flow. I would look at the that and I would all so look at my gas bill to see if it has gone up. This would tell me if it was the hot or cold water leaking. Make sure that nothing in the house is running at the time of your test.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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