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      My electric water heater has suddenly began making an internal noise that sound like a chattering electrical contactor, and is causing a vibration in the supply pipe between the water heater back to the water meter. It only does this periodically thru the day. The dual elements are se for 120F, and water temperature at the faucets does not seem to have changed. I manually open the relief for 15 seconds, and the noise will stop for a minute or so, then start back up. The period of noise will last for approx 15 minutes, then go away by itself. There seems to be no relationship between demand and when the noise starts. What is going on???

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      Sounds like probably an element going bad or maybe it’s sediment.

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      Sounds like your Cold Water valve on heater might have a loose washer or your PRV or main shut off. When it does it again, shut off Cold Water valve on heater and see if it stops, have you got a branch pipe cut in between heater and main water valve going to some fixture? Maybe the toilet is doing it too. Check it all out if you have that by shutting off valves one at time on fixtures till you find it, takes a little time.

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      Well I’m inclined to agree with “Retired” on this one as the symptoms sure sound like a chattering valve seat.

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