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      Avatar photodevid diya

        We have leak in the bathtub.. We have changed everything in the handles that can be changed.. we still have a small steady stream of water coming from the spout.. Could it be that we need to change the spout itself????

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        Avatar photoAKPlumber

          No, the spout is not causing the leak, the shower valve is. Water flow first has to get past the valve in order to make it to the spout or shower head. Therefor, you must do work on the valve.
          You have not mentioned what brand and type of shower valve you have so it’s hard to guess what the culprit is. Is it a Price Pfister type with hot and cold valve stems and a diverter? Or is it a Delta single handle type?
          There are quite a few out there, the Delta and PP ones are the oldest and most common. Using the Price Pfister example, you have several things that could be bad….first, the seats, which you will need a seat wrench for to remove/replace, then the valve stems themselves (sometimes it’s just a washer on these stems that is bad but I don’t waste time rebuilding stems I just replace the entire thing). Lowe’s and HD sell Price Pfister rebuild kits which include everything from the seats to the stems to the trim. If yours is one of these, just buy one of these kits and replace everything in the valve with it. If it’s another type of valve post here with the brand/type and I’ll do my best to explain it’s replacement.
          Sometimes also, on rare occasion, the valve body itself can go bad from old age, abuse, etc. In this case it’s necessary to cut out and replace the entire valve manifold. Hopefully that’s not the case.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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