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      We have a Pegasus kitchen faucett that we installed less than a year ago. It has 4 parts (the gooseneck, the water control or on/off, the sprayer and the soap dispenser). The problem is that whenever we turn the water on a little water trickles down from the top of the “water control or on/off” part. We actually had another one of the exact same type of faucett and replaced it for the same problem. This faucett has worked fine for about 6 months and has recently started “leaking” like this too. My husband has tried to tighten it and has even “lightened” the water pressure but nothing is helping. As you can tell, we’re definitely amateurs…any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      I’m not familiar with this brand of faucet. So my guess is just that, a guess.
      Anyway my guesses are that it’s a faulty valve stem, or maybe a loose one that needs a little cinching up in the body. Could be a bad washer. Could be a bad seat. It’s really hard to pinpoint a problem like this without seeing the faucet.
      What I would do is rip it outta there and just replace it with a better known brand like a Delta or a Price Pfister faucet whose repair parts are widely available…..if you had another faucet of the same brand that did this in such a short amount of time I’d say they’re junk and should be replaced with a decent brand…..I have installed Delta’s and PP’s that have lasted years with no problems.

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      Get a Marlin Coral faucit. Solid heavy brass with THICK chrome coating, servicable ceramic disc cartrige style valves. I’ve never had a call back on one.BTW, I’m in orlando Fl, I don’t know how available they are in your area.

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      Where it is leaking take it loose and put a little graphite string packing around and tighten up, make sure water is off. If it takes a washer then go to Plumbing supplyhouse or a box store and see if they have one .

      Art retired plbg

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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