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      Darrold T Crain

      when i take a shower i run out of hot water. before i go to change heating elements i would like to know where the heck is the thermostat so i can check what the tempeture is set at and turn it up if needed. it is wrapped in a insulated blanket at this time. ok ok i am a female but darn i can not find that silly little thing. but this is how i learn, by asking questions thank-you

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      Sorry I’m not familiar with that exact brand, I’d have to see it in front of me. But usually on most 40G and up electrics the T-stat(s) is right above the element(s). Assuming your heater is double element, you would have an upper and lower element, and a primary and secondary T-stat, usually located just above the element and covered over by insulation with a plastic covering. BE SURE to throw the breaker to the tank before you go digging around for them, it is probably 220 volts and will kill you.

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      Retired plbg1

      It could be the lower EL. are upper one, also refill tube could be broke, you need to test El. and see if they are good. If you have been getting hw all the time and it stopped it has to be an EL. bad.

      Art retired plbg

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      It does’nt HAVE to be a bad element, it could very well be a bad t-stat. Or a corroded tank. Or a number of things really though the elements are number one usually to look at.

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      thank you for your help. i turned off my breaker and opended up the two panels (i always hd gas hot water heaters so i was looking for a dial on the bottom) it was right in front of me the top was turned to 130 the bottom to 140 i turned them both up to 150. now i will wait till tomorrow and take a shower and see if i run out of hot water. if i do i will probally have a friend come over and change both heating elements. if that still does not fix the problem i will change the t-stat. i do not think it is corroded it looks pretty good yet. i do have shallow point sandpoint, but my water is really good. compard to my neighbors who had to dig wells. thank you again. gloria

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      150 is an awfully high setting. On top of working the tank so hard, you run the risk of scalding.
      How do you know the elements “look pretty good yet” without taking them out, or did you? At any rate you can usually tell a bad element straight away but only when out of the tank. Replace both while you are already at it, that way you know it’s all good. Get that t-stat setting lower!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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