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      My toliet is over 10 years old and the doorframe is getting wet somehow looks like it is rising up like a thermoter. Could this be the wax ring broken under toliet. Last time it happened we replaced the toliet. We were gone for 4 days and it dried up. But it is back now.

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      Could very well be a bad wax ring and/or flange under the toilet. This could cause the toilet to leak everytime you flush under the vinyl or tile you have down on the floor and seeping it’s way underneath it towards the door frame. Just a guess. Usually though, you should see some seepage around the base of the toilet, so if you don’t see that at all it could be something else like a pinhole leak in a supply line running up inside the wll near the door frame… it will yake a bit of leak detection and troubleshooting to get to the cause of the problem. This could also be happening from a “sweating” toilet tank, in other words a tank that gets filled with very cold water while the ambient air temperature inside your home is much higher causing condensation and the tank to drip water onto the floor… only way to really solve that problem is to install a mixing valve. Hope this helps some.

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      It could be a leak between tank and bowl,try some egg dye color in tank over night and see if you have color on floor next day, Also is your closet collar sitting on floor are a little below check it out if you take up bowl, bowl good be loose too.

      Art retired plbg

Viewing 2 reply threads
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