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      Can you replace the inside of the gate valve instead of replacing whole valve? It will be a pain trying to solder a new valve in since it is in the plastic laundry closeout.
      where can I purchase the parts?
      thanks Scott

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      Yes you can replce the gate in a valve, but you have to get the name size and You will probably have to go to supplyhouse if it is good valve, and also you will have to buy a complete valve.

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      I cannot recommend replacing the gate of a gate valve. I would recommend replacing the whole valve with a newer ball valve. Gate valves are designed to be opened and closed very infrequently (as a opposed to globe valves, which are designed with replaceable gaskets). The advantage of a gate valve over a globe valve is that the former is “full bore” when open. Gate valves are not usually used as shut-off valves to fixtures. Except for pipes greater than 1″, ball valves are better than gate valves. Except for these larger supply lines, I have stopped using gate valves.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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