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      derek bauer

      If you are going to install 2 water heaters in tandem, how do you plum them? cold to hot to cold to hot, or T the lines coming in both cold and T the lines goin out both hot?


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      As you indicate, there are two ways to connect them: 1) in series (i.e. the cold supply foes into the first heater and its hout outlet goes to the cold inlet of the second heater and you run that heater’s outlet to your hot water fixtures), or, 2) in parallel (i.e., you tee the cold water supply into the inlets of both heaters and tee their outlets together to the hot water pipe that supplies your fixtures). It is common to use series heaters with the first yamk’s water being heated by alternate energy sources, mainly solar. In the parallel setup you need to balance the inlet and outlet tees so the heaters heat more or less the same.

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      Retired plbg1

      E-Mail me and I will send you a drawing. awp35@jcn.net

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